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LDPE HDPE Disposable PE Glove

Parameters of LDPE HDPE Disposable PE Glove


Item No.



LDPE Disposable PE Glove


100% PE





Normal packing

100 pcs per bag ,100 bags / carton
500 pcs per box ,20 boxes / carton

Details about LDPE HDPE Disposable PE Glove

Features of LDPE HDPE disposable PE gloves :

Ideal for almost any application including Kitchen food preparation ,household cleaning ,personal care ,catering industry and so on .


  • Excellent fit ,using flexible .
  • Safe good grade raw materials
  • Strong toughness ,puncture reistance.
  • Convenient to carry, strong applicability
  • Water proof and oil proof
  • Keep your hand clean ,fits right and left hand ,unisex men and women .
  • Good isolation function .
  • Anti-slip embossed design ,surface uneven texture,non-slip,durable and not easy to break and tear .
  • Thick and flexible material ,food grade PE materal ,safe for food handling .
  • Isolate all kind of oil and dust ,protect your hands ,keep your hand away from all messy .
  • Bacteria isolation ,protect your hands from cross infection .
  • Durable ,no holes and leakage .
  • Comfortable and smooth touch in hand ,easy to wear .
  • Good toughness and extra ension ,easy to stretch ,no easy to brank and tear .



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