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Clear Disposable Vinyl glove

Parameters of Clear Disposable Vinyl glove


Item No.



Disposable vinyl glove


PVC polyvinyl chloride


S, M ,L ,XL


Powder or Powder free


9 inch

Normal packing

100 pcs per box ,10 boxes /carton

Details about Clear Disposable Vinyl glove

Features of clear disposable vinyl gloves :

Clear Disposable Vinyl Glove is an economical and practical single-use latex free barrier of protection for a wide range of applications. Vinyl Gloves are ideal for multipurpose in healthcare and other applications including food industry, nursing home, childcare services, cleaning, and industrial etc.

  • Available both powder-free and powdered
  • Resist oils, fats, greases and some chemical splashes
  • Suitable for food handling, except for fatty food
  • Waterproof(lightly, both hot and cold)
  • Good quality-tear resistance, strong, flexible (stretch), with good flexibility and sensitivity
  • Ambidextrous, with their ambidextrous design, these gloves will fit either hand for fast, efficient gloving.
  • produced with a food grade corn starch powder, making donning easier especially when hands are wet
  • Ideal for food service, beauty, health and cleaning professionals, people who are allergic or sensitive to the skin do not need to use latex
  • No-toxic, no-sterile and without any peculiar smell, no anaphylaxis to skin, conducive to health.
  • Being widely used in medical examination and treatment, food processing, electronic and instrument industry, chemical experiment, hair-cutting, printing and dyeing industry etc.
  • These general purpose vinyl gloves are a popular and inexpensive
  • Size: S/M/L/XL for users to choose
  • Does not contain DOP/DEHP phthalates


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