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CPE Disposable PE Glove

Parameters of CPE Disposable PE Glove


Item No.



LDPE Disposable PE Glove


100% PE




Transparent ,Blue

Normal packing

100 pcs per bag ,100 bags / carton
500 pcs per box ,20 boxes/ carton

Details about CPE Disposable PE Glove

Features of CPE disposable PE gloves :

Ideal for almost any application including housework, catering, beauty salons, electronics, factories and other industries and so on .

  • The surface has uneven or flat surface, transparent, uniform thickness,
  • Convenient and comfortable to wear.
  • Concave-convex non-slip
  • Waterproof material, acid and alkali resistance, safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • It is a strong vinyl product that is dustproof, antifouling, portable, flexible, oil-resistant and wash-resistant.
  • The surface of the glove is specially processed to prevent adhesion, slippery hands, good ventilation, economical and durable.
  • Can be mixed with left and right hands.
  • Durable ,no holes and leakage .
  • Comfortable and smooth touch in hand ,easy to wear .
  • Good toughness and extra ension ,easy to stretch ,no easy to brank and tear .
  • Alternative for PVC gloves, with same fitness as PVC while without any harm .
  • Super tensile strength at 25.1 MPa, Elogation at break 623%, ,three times of the other PE gloves,


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