Black Disposable Vinyl glove

Parameters of Black Disposable Vinyl glove


Item No.



Disposable vinyl glove


PVC polyvinyl chloride


S, M ,L ,XL


Powder or Powder free


9 inch

Normal packing

100 pcs per box ,10 boxes /carton

Details about Black Disposable Vinyl glove

Features of Black disposable vinyl gloves :

Vinyl gloves are a type of exam glove that is most affordable and great for single-use situations. These gloves are worry-free when it comes to those with latex allergies. Vinyl gloves include no rubber, so no allergen is present. Vinyl exam gloves are great to use in a medical office, hospital or at home cleaning excrement, dirty, oily messes where cross-contamination is an issue. Vinyl gloves are ideal because you can use them once and them dispose of them.


    • Favorite among beauticians and tattoo artists
    • Featuring a double-chlorinated surface, these gloves are ultra-smooth and ideal for fine handling
    • Powder free design reduces the chance of powder contamination
    • Disposable gloves, a cost-effective solution for most everyday tasks
    • Cost effective gloves help to maintain high levels of hygiene
    • Dispenser box for easy storage and use
    • They are disposable and are widely used for a light duty protection against any environment where your hand needs protection
    • 100% polyvinyl chloride, no natural latex protein, DOP/DEHP free
    • Soft to touch, comfortable to wear
    • Ambidextrous, with their ambidextrous design, these gloves will fit either hand for fast, efficient gloving.
    • Strong tensile strength, puncture resistance, no damage
    • Waterproof(lightly, both hot and cold)
    • Resistance to Chemical
    • Available both powder-free and powdered


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